Welcome to BluebirdEO.com

Providing farm fresh veggie boxes and essential oils,

Bluebird is on a Mission

to encourage Plant-Based Wellness. Founded as an organic community garden and farmers market, Bluebird is a Farm to School advocacy. 2008-2018, 10th Anniversary.

Our Farm to Table program offers essential oils & farm veggies, aligned with agrarian, happy, beautiful, healthy living.

We’re honored and delighted to serve local families. My family has been active in Middle Georgia farming for over 35 years, since 1981. Please let us know how we can be of service to you. Happy to help.

Frank Robinson

Bluebird Co-Founder & Director

tmp_3756-vineyard1124487364tmp_9590-jpeg CARDS JENNY FRONT1679886546tmp_3756-IMG_20160726_103551694~01-171600358


Bluebird’s ‘Edible Flowers Micro Greens’

Images of Edible Flowers in Bluebird Farm Boxes.



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