Custom Labels

For Wedding Favor Orders or Quantity Orders


How to Create your Custom Label and/or Blend

Order ‘Love is in the Air’ in quantity or create your own Signature Blend with your custom label.  Order in chosen quantities with quantity discounts for wedding favors.

  • Create a custom fragrance perfume blend for your wedding day memory.
  • Each wedding favor is individually blended
  • Match your color scheme labels, wedding date, initials, bride and groom’s name, location, favor bags and gift card sentiment options.
  • More Options: Roll-on, spritzer, personal diffuser, beard oil, massage oil, bath salts or shower steam product with Your Signature Custom Fragrance
  • Prices vary for products (3 assorted price groups of essential oils for your custom fragrances) $7-10, $11-20, $21-60
    Quantity Savings 50-75% for 100+ wedding favors
  • Please allow 2-6 weeks for custom bottling satisfaction
  • Example Blending oils: apricot kernel, coconut, sweet almond, sunflower oils
  • Examples of pure essential oils for your custom blend, signature fragrance: sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), rose (Rosa damascena), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), cedarwood, lemongrass, cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara)